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    T19B Clears Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid

    ToRN aCAPTAIN posted Nov 5, 17


    On our 3rd night within The Leviathan Raid, The 19th Battalion has successfully cleared Calus' Leviathan! It was no easy task and our brave and valiant Fireteam persisted night after night, hour after hour, until finally at 8:25PM Sunday 5/11/17, The Courageous Six slew Calus and gained his favor!

    A big thank you to the five 19th Members that made it happen and put in the time and hours to learn all the encounters properly. Hard work definitely paid off. I am confident that the rest of our active Destiny 2 player base will join the six of us within the next week.

    Fireteam: ToRN (Hunter) | Schultz (Warlock) | Dro (Hunter) | Joe (Titan) | Freki (Titan) | Macca (Warlock)

    Pictures: The Courageous Six on a field of victory and The 19th on the way home to the Traveller

    Captain ToRN

    AzzT3X Good work guys!
    Smiff a2ND LT Great work lads! :thumb:
    Kamikazee Joe SSGT Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!! A thoroughly enjoyable mission actually! Great stuff

    Destiny 2 Update

    ToRN aCAPTAIN posted Nov 2, 17


    The Destiny 2 PC launch has seen the vast majority of the active T19B community and some new blood come together to enjoy fragging the Red Legion, Fallen and Vex. It's always good seeing the community rally behind a new title.

    With the recent release of the Leviathan Raid and upcoming DLC packs, new raids and activities, I have put together a raid schedule. It is intended to be light so those with commitments don't need to fill up to much of their week to try and actively participate.

    Sunday 8:00PM - 11:00PM
    Wednesday 8:00PM - 11:00PM

    The times above are NSW time. In preparation for the Leviathan Raid, I'm asking members to achieve the following criteria to give us the most success at completing the encounter:

    * Power Level 285 Minimum
    * Arc/Solar and Void Weapons for both Power and Energy Weapons. A healthy mix of different weapon types will do wonders as the raid does call for all manner of weapons with different modifiers at any given time

    This should be easily achievable if you continue to do your weekly milestones and play a healthy mix of Crucible to further your chances for a decent loot drop.

    Dro and Joe have been made official Destiny 2 Officers and can help in matters of recruitment as well as T19B Destiny 2 Scheduled Activities should the situation call for it.

    Dedicated Forums will be created over the next few days for Destiny 2 so we can coordinate everything in the one place.

    Cheers everyone and I hope you all have a blast playing Destiny 2 with T19B.

    Captain ToRN

    Onslaught SSGT When I hit power level I will likely be available for Sun times. Sitting at 200 atm and still yet to beat campaign

    T19B Discord Server Live

    ToRN aCAPTAIN posted Oct 27, 17


    I have decided to move up the launch of our Discord server due to the unreliability of our TeamSpeak 3 server during Destiny 2's launch. Effective immediately we are moving to Discord. Our meeting next month on Discord and it's uses and bot functionality will still be held to familiarize users with its use and functions.

    Please view the mandatory reading thread for the invite link to our discord server. The same TS3 rules will apply to Discord. The rules can also be viewed in the #rules text only channel on the server.

    I hope all members enjoy our new home for voice coms, there is an awesome amount of functionality we can do with with Discord. Over the course of the week I will be updating the website and it's forum threads to replace TS3 with all appropriate Discord information.

    Captain ToRN

    Kamikazee Joe SSGT Back to IRC i say!
    Wombat BOOM!!!
    AzzT3X Discord is great, good move!


    I will be hosting a HeroQuest campaign on Tabletop Simulator and will be playing through the scenario book that comes with the base set. Pending how the campaign turns out, I will think about expanding the campaign onto the expansions of HeroQuest.

    For those unfamiliar with HeroQuest, it is a game that's very dear to my heart as it sparked my love of in depth board games when I was child. Some of my best memories are playing this over and over with my uncle and friends when I was growing up. The game pits a Dungeon Master against 4 players who take the role of a Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard. The 4 players have objectives they need to meet each mission before finding the exit to the dungeon. Think of it as an RPG Dungeon Crawler, packed full of loot, fighting and adventure.

    First game will be Sunday, August 13th at 8:00PM Sydney time. We will then play a mission each following Sunday at 8:00PM until we get through the campaign booklet.

    What I'm looking for is 4 dedicated players to take the roles of the adventures. We may not make every Sunday depending on life at that time, however it's my aim to finish the campaign so we will play as long as it takes to get through it.

    Register your interest and post any discussion you have relating to this campaign on the thread I've created to chronicle our adventures. Spots are limited to 4 players, so I will choose the final 4 based on expressions of interest I receive. Please only sign up if you are in it for the long haul.

    I'm damn excited to be hosting this campaign to bring back the insane flood of nostalgia from my childhood. For those that have not played the game, you would be in for one insane wild adventure if chosen to play.

    Cheers all.

    Captain ToRN

    D3: Rise of the Necromancer

    ToRN aCAPTAIN posted Jun 28, 17


    Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer is now live! The pack brings with it a new class, new zones, new content and all those extra cosmetic goodies we have all come to love. I'm hoping a few of the long time Diablo players at The 19th dust off their adventuring boots and join me to experience this fan favourite from the glorious Diablo 2 days.

    It's always a great blat of fun when the lot of us get together for a game of Diablo. There is never a dull moment!

    The pack will cost $22 AUD and is available now from the Blizzard Store.

    Captain ToRN

    Zolin Not sure if this is the correct place but my Bnet name is Zolin #1506
    Banicks SSGT Pass. IMO that's too much for just a new character. Your monies n all, thought we were taking a stance against BS ...
    Dro SSGT I'm doing something different and making a monk this season