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    This isn't going to be a full in-depth guide, merely an outline of things we discussed last night. I'm posting it here for everyone so that it may help in decision making. As for decision making, there is not a right or wrong as everyone's build is different along with their skill level as a player. What do I mean by that? Read on to find out.

    Let's start with weapon stats.

    "Determines the accuracy of the weapon, and how quickly your aiming reticule loses focus."

    Take a sniper rifle for example, aim without scoping and you can shoot immediately. The bullet's trajectory may miss the crosshair centre causing a wide grouping. If you wait until the reticule tightens, your grouping will be tighter. Accuracy lowers the wait time necessary for a tighter group, and we assume, tightens the grouping.

    What is grouping?
    Grouping is the term used for how accurate your shots are. See below.

    In this picture, we will use I and V as an example. If your accuracy stat is low, your grouping will most likely look like I. If it is high, your grouping will most likely look like V.

    What are the negatives of Accuracy?
    Depending on the attachment, and the roll pool it reaches, to increase accuracy you may have to sacrifice stability.

    Reload Speed
    "How long it takes to load a new clip."

    Generally you should be aiming for magazine size over this stat until attachments offer over 40%.

    "The maximum distance your gun is still effective at."

    Range is the distance your weapon is maintaining optimal accuracy and damage. For example, the Vector's range is 30m. Inside of 0-30m, the damage will maintain 30k per hit. Outside of 30m, and the damage is lowered to 15k. Furthermore, this will also affect accuracy, whereby up to 30m the accuracy and ergo, grouping, is maintained. Beyond 30m, and the accuracy is halved, thus spreading grouping apart.

    Optimal range is one of the most redundant stats in the game. The reason is rather simple, you have a primary and secondary weapon. So you have two slots in which one can fufill a long-mid range combat role, and the other mid-CQC.

    "The recoil as you fire the gun (especially over extended periods)".

    Stability reduces recoil. There are two kinds of recoil, vertical and horizontal. There are two stability pools for attachments, stability and horizontal stability.

    Stability allows a player to lessen the recoil of a weapon that may dance around quite badly. However, in regards to Stability v Accuracy, well I've tried both. Stacking accuracy, and stacking stability. For my Caduceus, I can predict the grouping, and compensate much more easily by burst firing it. The stability, if I stacked accuracy over it, is something that I could not control. So whilst my grouping was tight, my aim went well off target due to the recoil instability, so I found myself not only having to compensate by burst firing, but also reacquire target. Meaning ultimately I was worse off than before.

    Now this is not always the case with your gun, but for the build I was running, or rather weapon. I found stability much more useful than accuracy. This is where there is no wrong attachment comes into play. You need to find what works for you. Stability is sometimes a 100% necessity for LMGs when you attach an RoF mag to them, it causes insane recoil, so accuracy is never going to come into play.

    Rate of Fire
    "Rounds fired per minute."
    Increasing the number of rounds per minute that are fired. The negative side effect on some weapons, recoil is drastically increased meaning you may require a stability attachment.

    Size of the Magazine.

    You want this over reload speed.
    I'm beginning to get more grey hairs than frags these days.
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    Nice write up Banicks
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    A lot of nice work there, should definitely help some people out. Well done mate.

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