So after all playing this whole time as a Shadow using the Lioneye's Avalanche spec, I needed to change things up... It clearly was not working, despite the fact that even GGG featured the build on their news page after the new league launch.

I changed up to a Barrage Bow Build last night and instantly my DPS went up x4 - I'll be looking to perfect this build and see just how much it can put out end game.

Orion the Hunter Build

Here are the items:

Shadow - Ascendency: Assassin


Death's Opus Death Bow
Cospri’s Will Assassin’s Garb / Tabula Rasa will do until you can get a Cospri's
Drillneck Penetrating Arrow Quiver
Devoto’s Devotion Nightmare Bascinet
Facebreaker Strapped Mitts
Fate Urge Wyrmscale Boots
Sol Girdle Rustic Sash
Havoc Turn Ruby Ring
Behemoth Coil Sapphire Ring
Dread Medallion Amber Amulet
Volley Fire Viridian Jewel x 2
Armageddon Desire Viridian Jewel
Soul Dream Viridian Jewel
Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching
Seething Divine Life Flask of Heat
The Overflowing Chalice Sulphur Flask
Atziri’s Promise Amethyst Flask
Surgeon’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline

Frenzy – Pierce Support – Increased Critical Strikes Support – Faster Attacks Support – Slower Projectiles Support

1 Socket Gems
Arctic Armour

Barrage – Faster Attacks Support – Increased Critical Strikes Support – Pierce Support - Increased Critical Damage Support – Faster Projectiles Support

Frost Wall – Cast When Damage Taken Support – Increased Duration Support – Immortal Call

Increased Duration Support – Blink Arrow – Vaal Haste – Vaal Grace

Increased Area of Effect Support – Blasphemy Support – Projectile Weakness – Summon Ice Golem