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    Sennheiser GSP 600, Logitech G903, PowerPlay Wireless Charging System.

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    For the past 6 years and some, I've been using the Astro A40 wired headset, desktop Blue Snowball microphone and the Logitech G500 mouse. Recently having made no purchases for my gaming needs I decided that...

    With that in mind, I purchased a few hundred dollars worth of goodies for myself, and for your consumption I present the Banicks Review.

    Sennheiser GSP 600Sennheiser GSP 600
    Audio Technica, Astro, Audiophile Headphones...

    No seriously, great audio! Being enclosed headphones the sound stage is limited comparing them to semi or open back headphones. Never the less Senn have managed to ensure positioning is crisp, clear and precise.

    I can clearly locate footsteps in games like Overwatch that I've never heard before. Not only this, but I can tell from those footsteps precisely which of the 28 heros it is.

    It did take an adjustment period to get used to it, granted. Initially I even thought, oh God, this was an overpriced mistake of the typical 'gaming' headset. Thankfully, no. I acclimatised and have ascended past the A40s, in fact I'd go so far as to say these babies will make you a better FPS player.

    Music/Audio listening is pleasant. Not distorted or reverb heavy, they are bass heavy, but you will find that is the case with closed headphones. It can be personal preference as well whether you like that or not. I do, I am a 'bass freak'.

    To the mic, initially it was not noticed that my mic had changed on another discord I use for OW. Until I had told them that I had a new headset, then they commented it seemed to have more 'detail'.

    So from this you can ascertain that the mic Senn have used is comparable to that of the Blue Snowball. It can be muted by lifting the boom arm up, and it is a nice and solid boom arm. If you prefer the boom on a particular side though, you're shit out of luck. It's on the left and there it stays. On the right ear cup is the volume adjustment.

    The physical adjustment of the headset is great. It will suit any head size, long, wide, combination.

    Best of all, I'm 99% certain that the pads they use are HM5s, aka. the Lazyboy pads of the audophile world. The most comfortable in existence. If they aren't, then somehow Senn managed to create their own version of them. They are a dual pad, suede on your skin, pleather on the outer.

    The negative with these is that they are glued to the set, so interchanging will require ripping and replacing will not be an easy task. Considering the price, there should have been consideration for that.

    They are not heavy on your head either. I am able to comfortably game for double digit hours, towards the mid range my Astros would need adjusting. These babies hold strong, and did I mention sound cancelling?

    Holy smokes. It's like being in your own world. I couldn't hear my mobile going off next to me from 2 foot away. Great if you want to escape a noisy home.

    Overall. 8/10. Room for improvement in regards to boom placement, and changeable earpads. Everything else, superb. AT killers.

    Logitech G903
    Widely considered the best gaming mouse optical on the market. What is there to say?

    Well, she is light. Which if you prefer a heavy or customizable weight mouse you may not like. It does have a weight system that sits in the battery sector, however if you want to use the battery in combination with the PowerPlay charge, then the weight won't be there.

    Thumb buttons that are responsive, and MB1 & 2, jesus it's sensitive. It took a while for me to stop accidentally pressing MB2.

    Tracking beautiful, precise, beyond accurate. It's a pity that my old grey hairs equate to lack of skill. It would be eSports capable otherwise.

    It can be cabled in via USB, or coupled with it's receiver. Alternatively if you have the cash to drop on, see below;

    Summary 10/10

    PowerPlay Wireless Charging System

    If you want to ensure fact response time from your mouse and no need to place on a charging port/pad, this is the way to go. It charges whilst you play. Acting as your mousepad.

    Both the mouse and pad have that RGB logo thingy (not my cuppa), but using the software they can breathe in sync, although for some reason the pad doesn't sync with the mouse colours entirely. Almost as though it's missing a few hues causing it to sync out.

    Might log a case with Logitech to see what the deal is, even with the drivers updated.

    Summary 10/10.
    I'm beginning to get more grey hairs than frags these days.
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    Nice buys bro...

    Honestly though, still can't go past these... The amount of headphones i've had, these blow them all out of the park:


    I believe Freki and Smiff got them to.

    That mouse is interesting, specially with the pad.. If the pad was larger it would be awesome.

    Will hit you up for an update on the Mouse/Pad combo in a month or so after use

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    Posted Mar 10, 18