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    Freki SSGT
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    So I have been downloading a few Audio books so while I drive around for work or while working to listen to.

    I stumbled upon a company called graphic audio after talking about books with Onslaught and he told me about the Mistborn series by Brandon sanderson, so I thought I would try it with that, I have to say I am 100% impressed!!

    These people are amazing!

    I now have not only the entire Mistborn series but I also have gotten, RA Salvatores Saga of the First king and Demon war series that all link together. 15 books done by them.

    I have almost finished the Mistborn series and have listened to snippets of the others, and it is amazing.

    For someone in my position who cannot spare time to read when I want to even though I wish I could while working this is the best thing, I hope they do more in the future as the team from Graphic Audio do a stand out job adding background music and noises to make the immersion real.

    I got the files from IPT for a few gig for an entire book that is roughly 20 hours worth of Audio.

    Honestly worth the shot if like me wanting to read more but work gets in the way, I can personally be doing my paperwork while listening contently.

    Give it a crack. I rate 10/10 for the effort the studio do. Bonus is Onslaught was spot on about mistborn, great books! I know he has a thread about it already so check it out
    Posted Dec 21, 18 · OP
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    Just finished the first Mistborn book! It was amazing! GO VIN!! GO KELSIER!!

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    Posted Dec 25, 18
    Onslaught SSGT
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    I now have the leatherbound editions all signed by Sanderson.

    To add to the Graphic Audio post, I downloaded Sanderson's epic novel "The Way of Kings" presented by graphic audio and holy shitballs it blew my mind. If you are looking to download from them go to http://audiobookbay.nl/ and you can find them there. I think you have to sign up but it's free and then use the magnet link (I think that's how I did it)
    Posted Feb 12, 19