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    [BF3] Technical help needed

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    Smiff a2ND LT
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    I was in JBHiFi over the weekend and noticed BF3 premium on sale for $29. So with $30 burning a hole in my wallet I thought it would be an excellent way to quench my BF thirst (yes I know - way too late for that party and the really stupid thing is, if I can't get it working I would have been better off donating the bloody $30 to the 19th for the BF4 server!! - which I still may do as penance :p ).

    After a 20GB+ download I was ready to jump in and play. I rebooted. I made sure that it was fully up to date and I made sure that Origin, the BF3 exe etc were all set to run as admin. I then doubled clicked the BF3 icon and..... Nothing. I waited a couple of minutes - still nothing

    So I double clicked it again and..... Nothing.

    After about four attempts I went into task manager and noticed I now had four instances of BF3.exe running. I terminated all of these and reset my PC.

    I went into Origin and pressed repair install - after the checking - Origin reported that the install as all good.

    I then decided to see what Battelog was saying, so I logged in and was told congratulations Smiff62 has just install (then proceeded to list BF3 Premium and the related map DLCs.) So Yay me!! So I clicked Servers and then quick join. The blue bar appeared and said initializing......... BF3.exe executed........ and nothing. So I left it for five minutes. Still nothing.

    I reset my PC and logged back into battlelog. I tried the campaign, nice blue bar at the bottom, but again nothing happened.


    I tripled confirmed all exe's were set to run as administrator (all ticked)

    I then hit google and hit it hard. I tried things like making sure everything was set to run as administrator, clean out my temp directory, update my video drivers, update my Origin launcher, only run from battlelog, etc. etc. but still nothing......

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, although don't bust a gut as I fear that BF4 will arrive before I get it working and then I really couldn't be stuffed about BF3 anymore :d (and yes I will sadly acknowledge I wasted $30 :( - and will fine myself said amount as a direct donation to the 19th :thumb:).

    I dunno what came over me, it seemed like a steal, and I had an itch that had to be scratched!! But now I find myself in a world of frustration and the itch is getting worse! :lol:.

    Any PC or BF gurus who may know a quick trick / fix that can get me out of this bind I would be in your debt!

    Your humble servant,

    Posted Oct 22, 13 · OP
    LEVEL 1
    Few suggestions (probably none work):

    • Try starting offline, so Origin offline, completely away from internets and see what happens. Using the BF3.exe should launch the campaign straight off the bat.
    • Remove and reinstall your BF web browser plugin, those things are a pain.
    • One the same them try a different web browser.
    • Punkbuster.
    • Delete your BF3.exe then repair install (Don't know why I thought of this, it just seemed funny yet possibly could actually work).
    • Do the same as above for a folder of BF stuff in the directory then repair (not the ones with millions of GB in it).
    • Punkbuster. (I don't like punkbuster)
    • Maybe move the files to another Origin Games folder. I did this when I took BF3 off of my SSD and it redownloaded something that wasn't there before.

    This is all my guesses as I said none of them are likely to fix it. This BF Forums thread seems pretty onto it. Especially the Origin logs thingys it may reveal the problem. Also other people's suggestions and solutoins.
    Posted Oct 22, 13
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