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    Note: Once accepted, please read all the rules located below. You will then need to READ and SIGN our MANDATORY READING THREAD. This thread details everything you need to know about The 19th Battalion as well as our TeamSpeak 3 Details.

    Welcome to The 19th Battalion, An Oceanic Gaming Community that was founded in 2009 by a small group of friends with a vision to create a tight-nic community of like minded individuals who enjoyed gaming together. As each month and year roll into the next we are faced with more and more games, some off course standout a lot more than others and it is these titles that beg the attention of online multiplayer.

    The benefit of being in a gaming community is that you have already established relationships with other people online to take into the next game you want to play as a team. It is a big help when you can already completely trust and rely on the person next to you from day one of launch.

    The 19th has a simple vision and strives to bring people from Oceania together, in the hope that they will remain for years to come and truly feel a unique and important asset to our community.

    We are only as strong as our weakest link, so while you are here at The 19th, management asks you to abide by a few simple Rules:

    • Discrimination of any kind is not permitted.
    • You carry our Battalion’s badge on your shoulder and all the actions you perform will be a reflection on the rest of us.
    • Always treat members and other players with dignity and respect.
    • Do not perform any actions that will result in a negative outlook for the Battalion.
    • Do not give out The 19th's TeamSpeak3 details out to non-members.
    • Hacking of any kind is strictly prohibited.
    • Always be honest and trustworthy.
    • Carry the name of The 19th with pride.
    • Most of all, ENJOY YOURSELF!

    Game Specific Rules

    Below you will find any rules we have set in place for games that are currently played at an official level by The 19th. We ask that when you wear The 19th Battalion's tag above your names, that you respect and follow the rule set put forward by management.


    To be announced prior to launch.

    Star Citizen

    To be announced prior to launch.

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