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    New Forum Posting Guidelines

    By ToRN aCAPTAINo - Posted Aug 24, 16


    I've added a small guideline to our Forum posting procedures. This has been created to streamline the Threads module on the right hand side of the site and to make visibility over Forum threads easier in general. Basically it's adding the game abbreviation in front of your thread title in the same manner Smiff and I already do.

    The Division Forums - Post - [DIV] Thread Title
    No Man's Sky Forums - Post - [NMS] Thread Title

    If posting in the following Forums below, please use the following abbreviation:

    The Mess Hall - [MH]
    The Briefing Room - [BR]
    TeamSpeak 3 - [TS3]
    Casual Games - [CG]
    Kickstarter Projects - [KP]

    If you post in any Forums outside of these main ones, please follow suit and use an appropriate abbreviation. Site admins will be using the Warn feature of users not adhering to the new process. A formal post will be posted in The Briefing Room by week's end to outline the changes as well. Following this simple change request will create a better looking website and give members easier visibility on what a thread is related to.

    Thank you all for your cooperation.

    Captain ToRN