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    T19B Invade Wraeclast

    By ToRN aCAPTAINo - Posted Sep 27, 16


    Over the past few weeks, The 19th Battalion have been heavily involved with the latest League within Path of Exile - The Essence League. The game is a breath of fresh air from similar title, Diablo 3. Like true T19B spirit, the boys have banded together to conquer the games content while lending each other a hand in their quest to kill The Shaper.

    Fans of Diablo 2 will immediately feel at home within Path of Exile, also the game is Free to Play with no Pay to Win monetization, so you have nothing to lose should you wish to give it a go!

    Currently this League runs until the beginning of December, after which a lot of the crew have decided to stick with Standard League until we tackle all end game content. After which we shall decide if we wish to partake in the new League or wait until the next one hits to continue our journey through Wraeclast.

    So whether you are enjoying other titles with T19B or currently partaking in our Path of Exile adventures, I leave you all with a screen shot of Dro/ToRN and Joe, looking impressive standing in front of ToRN's Infernal Throne situated within his hideout... The Shaper awaits gents!

    Captain ToRN