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    Arma 3 Night + Giveaway [Sat 26th Nov]

    By Slato 2ND LT - Posted Nov 23, 16

    Exercise Runner



    General Raymond Atkinson (Crd. Task Force Aegis)

    Task Force Aegis Personnel

    Exercise Runner

    With the massive boost to the defense budget provided after President Trump was elected to office, we’re finally going to able to take full advantage of our training facilities on Stratis. Already we’ve seen improvements in marksman scores across the board. I’d like to especially mention the hard work and efforts of Delta Company in topping the score sheet.

    Intelligence has reported increased activity from CSAT around the Mediterranean Sea. To that end we’ve deployed the HMCS Halifax to monitor their movements throughout the duration of the exercise. From this moment on all forces on the island are at condition 3.

    In the following days the schedule of events will be posted. Team leaders, make sure your men have their equipment squared away. I expect the best from all under my command.


    General Raymond Atkinson (Crd. Task Force Aegis)


    I'm hoping that we can get as many people as posible to join us for an awesome night filled with action and a nice prize at the end. Make sure you head over to the events register and sign up!

    This mod does not require Apex so don't panic if you haven't got it. You will however need to download the @RHSUSAF Mod. Its around 2.6GB and needs to be extracted and placed in your root Arma 3 folder.

    At the end of the night the MVP will be chosen based on their effectiveness and teamwork. There is only one $50 Gift Card up for grabs to make sure you do your best.

    See you all on the battlefield!