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    T19B Community Update

    By ToRN aCAPTAIN - Posted Feb 20, 17


    Yesterday we held a community meeting that yielded a good turnout. Below are the cliff notes of the meeting and general community update.

    T19B community members are currently playing Ark: Survival Evolved, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, For Honor and Grand Theft Auto V. Any members with an interest in playing any one of these titles can join the related TS3 channel to join in on the fun. Ark and GTAV have come a long way since their respective releases and there is a lot to keep players busy in game.

    As we look to near the future, T19B will be actively taking part in Ghost Recon Wildlands and Mass Effect: Andromeda. I have plans to recruit for Mass Effect in the hope to get a few more numbers through the door. There really isn’t too much more around the corner at the moment. However we will continue to eye potential games and keep the community updated. As always I asked members to keep their eyes open and share any game that looks like it will be great multiplayer fun with the community.

    We are currently looking at running an official community run gaming night once a week and Friday is looking to be the likely day so our RPG group does not miss out. This will entail a post early in the week with a poll listing a few games that the community can take a vote on. These will include all manner of games ranging from the serious type to the more fun based arcade style games, as well as card games or board games. By including this night, it’s my hope to give members a permanent date and time that they can choose to partake in some fun with the rest of T19B if they should choose to.

    Recently our Pen and Paper RPG division has had some great success with quite a few sessions under its belt now. I’m very excited about that and happy for all those involved, I’m actually a huge RPGer and have recently wrapped up a very long Star Wars RPG campaign. This has freed me up to now run my own campaign. I will be planning it over the next month or two and will be looking for 5 dedicated members to join in on the campaign. We will be using Fantasy Flights Star Wars Force and Destiny Rule’s. The RPG group now has a dedicated TS3 channel and Forum as well. I will post more on my campaign as details get fine-tuned. As for our Dungeons and Dragons group, keep at it! From what I’ve heard there has been awesome adventure thus far.

    For our real life community meeting this year, we are planning to have it at Coolendel, which is located two hours south of Wollongong in NSW, along the Shoalhaven River. This will involve a weekend meet with members welcome to arrive on the Friday or Saturday depending on their work and travel plans. Depending on numbers we will be booking out the bunk house which can comfortably sleep 20 people. The invite is open to members and their partners. It is my hope that we can get the biggest real life turn out to date and hopefully have our Queensland and Melbourne members partake as well. For interstate people I'm sure we can work out some travel arrangements from the airport. There will be good BBQ, laughs, drinks, Onslaught playing Guitar, bonfires and an all round good time. I’ll make a forum post with dates in a little bit, however we are looking to host the event in June this year.

    Slato will also be attending PAX in Melbourne this year and has also extended the invite to as members as possible for another good T19B Pax turnout. Our last foray to Melbourne for PAX was in 2015 and it was an excellent bonding event.

    That about wraps it up for the time being, as always please continue logging into the website daily to check what’s new, and please continue coming on TS3 to chat with your fellow members. I thank everyone who managed to turn up yesterday and I thank those who sent their apologies.

    As always, stay safe out there and I look forward to gaming and talking with you all.

    Captain ToRN