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    Destiny 2

    By ToRN aCAPTAIN - Posted Apr 7, 17


    With the announcement of Destiny 2, I’m excited to announce the title as an Official Game here at T19B. When Destiny launched on PS4 a handful of members dug in and thoroughly enjoyed what the game had to offer. I'm sure people around here don't need an in-depth write up on how the game played. However, let's define the game genre as a MMOFPS with RPG elements. This specific niche genre is definitely a strong favourite of mine. Crab/Aeasen/Wombat and myself poured a great deal of time into Destiny and we were rewarded with a rock solid game that offered excellent dungeons and boss mechanics, very rare in an online shooter that requires cooperative play to progress.

    With Bungie at the helm I have no doubt Destiny 2 will deliver were Destiny fell short during the first few months, which was lack of end game content. After the first raid was cleared, all you could really do was grind reputation and do your dailies in the pursuit of better gear, as well as engage in excellent PvP. What Destiny offers now is huge in terms of content and had the interest remained for our small party I'm sure we would have jumped back in to explore it all.

    Destiny 2 has been announced with a world that is 3 times larger than the original game and 2 raids to start. I think it's important to note that these raids are extremely hard and require you to be very adequately geared to complete them, not to mention having a group that communicate and play well together. The mechanics are tough and the overall feeling extremely rewarding. I can see some longevity with this title and I'm hoping our core members will get on board and check it out. For myself, the premise of playing this game with a mouse and keyboard has got me feeling insanely giddy. I definitely don't prefer shooters on console but endured on Destiny due to the insanely awesome gameplay.

    I will be actively recruiting for the game closer to launch and will post details on the website as more emerge.

    Captain ToRN