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    T19B Discord Server Live

    By ToRN aCAPTAIN - Posted Oct 27, 17


    I have decided to move up the launch of our Discord server due to the unreliability of our TeamSpeak 3 server during Destiny 2's launch. Effective immediately we are moving to Discord. Our meeting next month on Discord and it's uses and bot functionality will still be held to familiarize users with its use and functions.

    Please view the mandatory reading thread for the invite link to our discord server. The same TS3 rules will apply to Discord. The rules can also be viewed in the #rules text only channel on the server.

    I hope all members enjoy our new home for voice coms, there is an awesome amount of functionality we can do with with Discord. Over the course of the week I will be updating the website and it's forum threads to replace TS3 with all appropriate Discord information.

    Captain ToRN