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    Destiny 2 Update

    By ToRN aCAPTAIN - Posted Nov 2, 17


    The Destiny 2 PC launch has seen the vast majority of the active T19B community and some new blood come together to enjoy fragging the Red Legion, Fallen and Vex. It's always good seeing the community rally behind a new title.

    With the recent release of the Leviathan Raid and upcoming DLC packs, new raids and activities, I have put together a raid schedule. It is intended to be light so those with commitments don't need to fill up to much of their week to try and actively participate.

    Sunday 8:00PM - 11:00PM
    Wednesday 8:00PM - 11:00PM

    The times above are NSW time. In preparation for the Leviathan Raid, I'm asking members to achieve the following criteria to give us the most success at completing the encounter:

    * Power Level 285 Minimum
    * Arc/Solar and Void Weapons for both Power and Energy Weapons. A healthy mix of different weapon types will do wonders as the raid does call for all manner of weapons with different modifiers at any given time

    This should be easily achievable if you continue to do your weekly milestones and play a healthy mix of Crucible to further your chances for a decent loot drop.

    Dro and Joe have been made official Destiny 2 Officers and can help in matters of recruitment as well as T19B Destiny 2 Scheduled Activities should the situation call for it.

    Dedicated Forums will be created over the next few days for Destiny 2 so we can coordinate everything in the one place.

    Cheers everyone and I hope you all have a blast playing Destiny 2 with T19B.

    Captain ToRN