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    T19B Clears Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid

    By ToRN aCAPTAIN - Posted Nov 5, 17


    On our 3rd night within The Leviathan Raid, The 19th Battalion has successfully cleared Calus' Leviathan! It was no easy task and our brave and valiant Fireteam persisted night after night, hour after hour, until finally at 8:25PM Sunday 5/11/17, The Courageous Six slew Calus and gained his favor!

    A big thank you to the five 19th Members that made it happen and put in the time and hours to learn all the encounters properly. Hard work definitely paid off. I am confident that the rest of our active Destiny 2 player base will join the six of us within the next week.

    Fireteam: ToRN (Hunter) | Schultz (Warlock) | Dro (Hunter) | Joe (Titan) | Freki (Titan) | Macca (Warlock)

    Pictures: The Courageous Six on a field of victory and The 19th on the way home to the Traveller

    Captain ToRN