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    Get ready to take to the skies!

    By ToRN aCAPTAINo - Posted Feb 13, 19


    Anthem will be launching over the next few days to a week and members of The 19th Battalion will be suiting up in their Javelins and taking to the skies as Freelancers. 

    The launch of Anthem marks an exciting time here at T19B with a rather lacklustre 2018 for strong multiplayer titles, Anthem proves to be the first title since Destiny 2 that the better part of the community is showing a strong interest in.

    Headstart will be this coming Friday 15th of February with servers kicking off at 9:30AM AEDT. BioWare has recently released their upcoming Road Map (below) which looks exciting and engaging.

    I hope to see as many of you as I can reaking havoc in your Javelins and displaying that whole hearted comradery that 19th Battalioners know best. With the option to play any and all classes there is diverse range of options available to all play styles. 

    At launch Anthem will support Alliances of upto 6 players in which you can share in XP and other benefits with Guilds to be implemented shortly after release.

    Drop by on Discord to chat further about the game. 

    Frag on T19B!

    Captain ToRN